MY Story

I was at the right time at the right place.

My name's Miroslav Veselý, I turned 45 , I like to live and to learn new things.

I was pretty lucky concerning my career, because I did have many opportunities to work for local smaller and mid size companies as well as for really big international players. My area of work has been always sales and marketing, which is the core for me - to promote and to sell. The HR specialist s have been always asking me the same type of a question: "what are your key characteristics, so different from the other candidates, someone should be paying you for, please define at least three of them". I did start to answer the question with an polite excuse, that I do have just two of those core abilities. 

The first one is the ability to adapt (depth, intensity and speed of the adaptation process) which gives me the chance to enter almost any kind of business, because the principle works everywhere. The second ability I would also define as the difference is my capability to motivate people around me. The motivation moves the things forward, the motivation I'm talking about is the internal motivation within the company, as well as the key motivation of the customer. If the customer is motivated enough and sees the purchase process as his own will and decision, he likes to do, we have succeed.

The way I see the world

structure, systems, context, cooperation, interaction