MY Story
I was at the right time at the right place.

My name's Miroslav Veselý, I was born in a small town called Kladno. I graduated in Prague with the expertise of the human resources with the MBA degree. I'm turning 41 this year, I do live in Prague, I am married and have one daughter.

I am a lucky person, because I had the chance to be at the right time at the right place, which means I could have seen some small and big things in my life. I worked as an employee at smaller, mid size and also at huge international companies. I made a real cross industry experience starting in automotive, going through the fashion, I also spent more that ten years in the area of home appliances and after that I got deeper in the FMCG. As a consultant I dealt with food franchise by setting the basic rules for the international expansion, retail and FMCG, later on I took part in private medical projects as well as in custom luxury goods production.

I am like you, I try to get smarter and more experienced day by day by listening and observing.

I noticed a big change in my life which happened when I became a father. I took the new and pretty natural experience as a lesson to enhance my business instincts and projection.

Now I feel more capable to evaluate the process, the risk, the chances, the direct and indirect consequences, simply to see the bigger picture and the larger context of the things.

After a long years I got back to cycling. By following the very basic rule "No pain, No gain" I started not only to get relaxed by suffering, but also to think about the business and the connections      by using the legal support of the endorphins.