RUF ideas

To be able to survive is the direct effect of your ability to adapt. Everything is constantly changing and if you expect more than just to survive, if you want to develop and progress, you need to do much more. And this is exactly the point we can help you with.

"the intelligence is the ability to adapt"

We won't create a new product or new service for you, we can't even get rid of your competitors, it is going to stay your responsibility, because you're the experts and you do manage your company resources. We do offer you the chance to see the big as well as the small things from    a different perspective. We can help you to see the things again you don't see anymore, we can guide you to hear the signals you don't hear anymore. We can help you to evaluate the inputs,      it means to decide what is worth to invest the time and the energy and what is useless and would present waste of time. Maybe you do loose a bit to much of your energy and your attention at places where it's not worth at all, which is causing a lack of primary drive where it's really needed. We are here to start up your engine again.

We can take care of it, you can rely on us.

Independent feedback

full support in the decision making process for the founders, owners and top management

Project management 

we do plan, organise and execute middle and large projects in various  industry areas 

Process management 

company restructuring, basic analysis, first draft, evaluation, execution, summary and next steps planning


Business Leaders 4 You

Start up of special consulting company, reorganisation, pre-packed reorganisation, building networking with main consulting companies (big 4) and M & A lawyer agencies, communication of investment opportunities to financial
and distressed investors, networking with insolvency administrators, building of external strategic content and application of sales methods.

Real Luxembourg

Distressed real estate area, building and steering of internal sales team, complete B2B sales communication with real estate agents across the country, leadership in acquiring new B2B partners, conversion from demand to a business case.

MPF Bioenergy

Biogas, biomethane and green hydrogen market analysis, business concept for production and sales
of above mentioned products, business case pre-study, communication with potential investors and shareholders, networking with financial institutions and investments funds.

Makro akademie

Strategic planning of the Makro Academy concept, B2B food specialists, corporate clients and B2C customers.

Coffee Blenders

Acquisition plan for the new key account customers

Creating of the new private labels

Sales and distribution planning for the private brands

B2B and B2C marketing and launch management.


conceptual integration of the Makro Academy division into a larger corporate marketing environment


Ambitious project of a private medical care centre, focused on the premium and luxury segment, creation of the business concept, sales and marketing strategy, investor recruitment.

GT Emotions

Basic concept of the event agency with a clear focus for premium segment customers, luxury car owners, combination of motorsport, travel and leisure events with high end services.


Distribution analysis, definition of the current customer potential

New dealer acquisition with the focus on Asia and US

Business plan management product structure planning distribution channels planning


Process management within the sales project team  Implementation of a various customer approach with a focus on a corporate and development area business

Výčep na Stojáka

sales and marketing fine tuning of the local franchise concept

Preparation for the franchise expansion (Europe)

Unus Mundus

Crisis management

Supply chain management

Distribution analysis, traditional and alternative channels

Business concept analysis and evaluation


New customer recruitment

Communication of the racing background, product and service differentiation 

company positioning


Business process analysis and restructuring

Revision of the marketing plan

Revision of the internal human resources and development program

Whirr Crew

Cooperation at the development of a start up online based communication platform

for mid size and small size companies.

User environment testing according to the specific target audience.

Ellipse clinic

Private medical clinic project, premium and high end segment.

Amber plasma

Project planning and execution
of private plasma donor centres.


Strategic plan of the new key account customers acquisition - concept, internal verification, testing with pilot customers, on market implementation.

Even the best engine needs a regular maintenance. If it's not enough, you need to change the oil, if it's still not enough you need to take the engine to pieces, replace damaged parts by the new ones and put it back together and the engine can run and run again. 

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